Because the found because of the early in the day studies (Xiao mais aussi al

Because the found because of the early in the day studies (Xiao mais aussi al

Fourth, it was observed that DJF AMO exhibits clear interdecadal fluctuations around the early 1970s (switching from positive to negative) and mid-1990s (switching from negative to positive) (Geng et al., 2017 ), and it has a fairly similar in-phase interdecadal relationship with mega-ENSO. , 2015 ), the warm (cold) AMO might lead to an increased (decreased) epochal winter haze frequency over Beijing and its surroundings by suppressing (facilitating) occurrences of in situ cold air via a quasi-barotropic planetary-scale Rossby wavetrain emanating from the North Atlantic. However, the actual decreased epochal WHDBj during P2 (corresponding to warm AMO) and increased epochal WHDCock sucking during P1 (corresponding to cold AMO) allow us to speculate that AMO could play a relatively minor role in modulating WHDCock sucking on decadal timescales compared to mega-ENSO. Furthermore, it was found that AMO can modulate variations in PDO/IPO on decadal timescales through atmospheric bridges (Si and Ding, 2016 ; Kosaka, 2018 ; Zhang et al., 2018 ). Therefore, the existence of appreciable interactions between DJF AMO and mega-ENSO, if any, should be ascertained. These issues are deserving of further investigations in future studies.


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Analysis S1 Figure S1. December–March (DJF) substance distinctions out-of water skin temperature (SST) (shaded, °C) when you look at the months anywhere between (a) pre-P1 (1961–1971) and you can P1 (1972–1996) (pre-P1 minus P1) and you may (b) P2 (1997–2012) and you may article-P2 (2013–2018) (P2 minus post-P2) once removing new linear trend. Brand new red outlines within the (a) and you can (b) tell you new west Pacific K-contour and east Pacific triangle-shape places, being deployed in identifying brand new mega-ENSO index according to Wang ainsi que al. (2013).

Figure S2. DJF composite differences of (a) surface relative humidity (shaded, %), (b) surface air temperature (shaded, °C), (c) surface wind speed (shaded, m·s ?1 ), (d) sea-level pressure (shaded, hPa), (e) planetary boundary layer height (shaded, m), and (f) air temperature between 850 and 1,000 hPa (shaded, °C) between years of more and less frequent wintertime haze days in Beijing (WHDCock sucking). The stippled areas indicate the values exceeding the 90% confidence level. The pentagram delineates the location of Beijing. The more (less) frequent WHDBj is defined with a detrended WHDBlowjob value >0.8 (

Contour S3. The latest climatological-indicate (1981–2010) DJF five-hundred-hPa geopotential top (contours, gpm) and 850-hPa wind (vectors, m·s ?step one ). The newest pentagram distills the location off Beijing, together with gray shaded area denotes the Tibetan Plateau.

Figure S4posited DJF anomalies from (a) body cousin dampness (shaded, %), (b) epidermis heavens temperatures (shady, °C), (c) facial skin wind speed (shady, m·s ?1 ), (d) sea-peak stress (shady, hPa), and you will (e) sky temperatures between 850 and you can step 1,000 hPa (shaded, °C) for pre-P1 (1961–1971). The base period is actually 1961–2018.

Contour S5. DJF composite huge difference regarding five hundred-hPa omega (contours, 10 ?2 Pa·s ?1 ) when you look at the several months anywhere between P1 (1972–1996) and you will P2 (1997–2012) (P2 minus P1) shortly after deleting the fresh new linear development. Opinions that are significant during the 90% depend on peak is actually shaded. The brand new pentagram distills the spot regarding Beijing.

Figure S6posited DJF defects away from SST (shaded, °C) getting post-P2 (2013–2018). This new red-colored lines reveal this new west Pacific K-figure in addition to east Pacific triangle-contour places, which are deployed when you look at the determining the latest super-ENSO directory according to Wang ainsi que al. (2013). The base several months are 1961–2018.

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