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EOS Reaches Settlement in Lip Balm Class Action Lawsuits

There are millions of individuals that use lip balm each and ever day.  EOS had suits against them.  Those that had filed these suits had alleged that the product was actually defective.  They had alleged that the product was causing the skin of the consumers to break out with rashes.  It would even cause the skin to blister.  Those that had these symptoms got together and filed five consumer fraud class action lawsuit.  EOS did reach a settlement in all five of these lawsuits.
rachel cronin_400x0The first class action lawsuit was filed by the Plaintiff Rachael Cronin.  She had alleged that it only took hours after applying the lip balm for the very first time for her lips to become very dry and coarse.  She reported that her lips felt like sandpaper and then she would apply even more lip balm in order to attempt to get smooth looking lips.  What you have to understand is that she was not able to achieve the smoothness that she was looking for.  Rather, her lips started to crack and this was severe.  They were even bleeding because the cracking was so bad.  The day after this serious reaction the skin that was around her lips were blistered and there was a rash.  This was so bad she needed to seek attention from medical professionals.
CY4mVS-W8AA0McvWhile the company did reach a settlement it is important to know that the full terms of this settlement were not made public at the time of this article.  The company, EOS, has stated that they are going to be placing a warning on the packaging of their lip balm and this will also be found on their website.  It has been found that the company is also going to place information online that will allow individuals to file a compensation claim if need be.


John Bales Attorneys of Florida’s top personal injury firm said, “This company has an obligation to meet the demands of their customers.  They expect the product to carry out a specific purpose in their lives and the product was not doing that.  Therefore, filing a lawsuit is the best way to get justice and receive the compensation that they deserve.  I have made the decision to dedicate my life to individuals that find themselves in situations like this”.


eczema-1-300x225 If you purchase a product and it leads to personal harm or property damage, you could have grounds for a lawsuit. Settlements often make it financially possible to receive adequate medical care following serious injuries.


If you have been injured by a product like the EOS lip balm, it’s important to document the injuries properly and have your physician make a note about them in your official medical file. Then you can turn to a trusted John Bales personal injury attorney to see if you are eligible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation.